Monday, December 17, 2012

RISE of the GUARDIANS post 04 (First time out)

Some more early story exploration and development work (see posts 01 through 03 for more) "FIRST TIME OUT"...If everything went smoothly for the Guardians their first time out as a team, that would be pretty un-interesting. Where would you go from there? It would be infinitely more interesting (and entertaining) if these mythological powerhouses had to learn how to work together over the course of the film... Finally overcoming their conflicts and working together smoothly when it counted, to defeat Pitch in the end. Below is a small sample of my early development work illustrating the newly formed team on their disastrous first mission, helping Tooth Fairy on her nightly rounds.
ABOVE)Santa has helped himself to some traditional milk and cookies. Sandman has a tougher time entering a room than his sand does. Bunny (pre superhero look)is not good in bedroom situations. Little Tooths (more on them below)try to wrangle everyone back on task. Jack spots some of Pitch’s Nightmare men (no Mares yet).
ABOVE) Jack chases some Nightmare men out of the house and into the woods. Tooth sets off after another group that stole a child's tooth. She tells the rest to keep collecting children’s teeth. The children have to believe! I proposed the idea that in order for Tooth Fairy to get so many places in one night, she could actually be made up of thousands of smaller fairies that would disperse and regroup as needed. The forming idea did not make it to the final film, but the idea of the “Little Tooths” did.
ABOVE)Tooth catches up with her smaller selves, and is hot on the trail of those Nightmare men. She is determined to find where they are coming from. Meanwhile, Bunny , North and Sandy do their best to do Tooth’s job. They are short on quarters, and morning comes sooner than expected (BELOW).
Much more on the development of RISE of the GUARDIANS soon!


Blogger Jesse said...

so damn good!

10:06 AM  
Blogger Ahmed Zakaria said...

I m so much amazed about ur work and your blog, specialy when i wrode the bigging the story behinde rise of the gardian and how the story and character been developed scince 2007, i would like to take ur permession to translate ur 4 parts paragraphe about Raise of the Gardian into Arabic my own languge , to be acceable to read ur note for awide range of ppl in Egypt and middle east, in a blog soon me and some friend will estaplish to deals with movments in movie idustry and graphic field, of course i will make a refaire to ur blog for farther reading , and i hope one day not so far in future we can make an interview with you about your work and your art in Arabic , as i have no mail refaire to you i left this messege in a comment and looking forward for yiur replay to send you a draft with translated coppy before upload it.
With my most beast regards to a great artist who ilustrate a great chrismas dream

11:01 PM  
Blogger SHANE PRIGMORE said...

Thank you very much for the kind words and for stopping bye guys.

AHMED- I will contact you soon. I appreciate your inquiry and your enthusiasm.


11:48 AM  
Blogger michele flynt said...

Got watched it online here
there's an old saying: cold hands, warm heart. i think that sums up jack frost in one :)

btw this movie was utterly fantastic. best animation since how to train your dragon and brave.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Tegan Clancy said...

Simply amazing! Rise of the Guardians was my favourite movie for the year, mainly because f the art, so CONGRATS!

2:11 PM  

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