Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am really ,really busy. Just after Thanksgiving I started fulltime at Dreamworks Feature Animation. Me and my friend Shannon are developing the Peabody and Sherman feature film from the ground up. Rob Minkoff (the director) brought us on to be the very first artists involved with the film. We're doing everything from character design to story. If you know anything about Peabody and Sherman you know that it is about time travel, and it has been one of my dreams to work on a time travel film. AWESOME! It's so fun.
So on top of that (in my non-existant spare time) me and my buddies have been trying to wrap up our 22 minute short for Cartoon Network. Over the past two months I have been feverishly drawing and numbering and yelling to be able to get everything shipped to the Rough Draft team to start animation. Below is a tiny, tiny sample of the HUNDREDS of special poses, charts, and expressions I have done over the past few weeks. I don't sleep any more.