Thursday, March 08, 2007


Last week me and my friend Shannon Tindle were invited to come to CAl Arts to give a lecture on development and design. We gave the kids the assignment to design Ebeneezer Scrooge , Jacob Marley , and Tiny Tim based on Dickens description of those characters from the book "A Christams Carol". To give the students some more insentive to do the assignment WE did the assignment ourselves (along with a few other profesionals-Ben Balistreri , Devin Crane , Dave Pimentel, and Aurion Redson.) It was due yesterday and the students tore it up ! Even a few alumni did the assignment and made a surprise visit. The outcome and presentaions were really inspiring. There is a cynergy and excitment at that place that is pretty incredible.Those kids are hungry and talented! So here are the Marley and Scrooge designs I did for class.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Hey everyone! Go to , or go to my links and click on "CHARACTER DESIGN BLOG" to check out an interview I just did for Randall Sly's character design blog . There are a bunch of pieces that you have not seen on my blog as well. This is one of the pieces on the character design blog . Its another page of warm up doodles I do before I work on the Cintiq at home.