Tuesday, August 28, 2007


ALright, Here are a couple screen grabs from GILROY, our recently completed pilot for Cartoon Network. I will be posting a couple images every week. GO TO SHANNON TINDLE'S BLOG TO SEE MORE. Thank you so much to everyone that came to our premiere screening, and thank you for the incredibly kind feed back afterwards. The crowd overflowed out into the lobby and I think it was a good sign that even those people were laughing and cheering. I want to thank some of the amazing people that helped us out on Gilroy- Chris Tsirgiotis for our beautiful layouts, R.D.for our beautiful BG paintings, Dave Lee on FX on props, Ilya and Greg our editors, Roger for our character color, Hacienda Post for our amazing sound ,and Jackie Buscarino and Shaun Hamid for keeping everything organized. And a huge thank you to my coharts in all of this -Shannon Tindle and Andy Schuhler.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


So, 3.5 years after we pitched the thing we finaly got to make it. Well half of it. The last half is full brilliant color animation (because that's all they would allow us budget wise), and the first half is a very, very fleshed out animatic. The 22 minute Pilot is a wrap for now and is screening for our peers at Cartoon Network on Friday. If you didn't know , I along with my friends Andy Schuhler and Shannon Tindle created a pilot for Cartoon network which we finally started full production on (in our spare time) in mid October 2006. Our goal was to bring some feature sensabilities to an animated tv show in story , tone , pace and visual language. Oh and to make it entertaining as hell. We just wanted to make something that we would have an absolute ball working on. Cartoon Network let us do it and people tell us we did alright. Will you ever see it? WHO KNOWS! Keep posted. So this is a poster I cranked out last night for the screening. And if you look down 6 posts ago you can see a few special poses I did for our show.