Friday, October 26, 2007


Last night I wanted to do a little piece that felt like fall AND Halloween. So here.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


For the past two weeks I have been on my first vacation in about six years. It was all sparked off in Kentucky with the wedding of my friends Shannon and Megan. It was awsome. Then since we were on that side of the country I figured we would go nerd out at Disney World- An entire city designed and aranged by many of my favorite artists- Herb Ryman , Marc Davis, Sam McKim ,Claud Coats, Rolly Crump, Mary Blair , etc... Below Are some pictures of the Contemporary Resort where we stayed for part of the trip. The amazing mosaic in the hotels' atrium was designed by Mary Blair. It is a masterwork of pattern and proportion. Mary placed one five legged goat into the mosaic because in native american culture the gods had to make at least on thing imperfect so that they would be the only ones that were truly perfect. Pretty cool.

Earlier while in Kentucky I had to stop by the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory. A)- Me in front of the biggest bat in the world. B)-The inside of the museum with me admiring a Mickey Mantle bat. C)- One of Babe Ruth's bats from his 1927 season where he hit 60 home runs! He hit 21 with this bat and placed a notch around the slugger logo for every one. D)- I got to knock the crap out of some balls using exact replicas of Babe Ruth , Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jrs' bats.