Monday, July 14, 2008

BEN BALISTRERI puts a fire under everyones butt!

Well, Get ready to feel lazy and inadequate because BEN BALISTRERI'S SEAWEED #1 is ready to be seen , gawked at , and BOUGHT! There is absolutely nothing out there I can compare this book to other than FRANQUIN at his height, BUT EVEN THAT doesn't describe the unique storytelling , entertainment value , humor and THOUGHT put into this book. AND THE 24 PAGE SKETCHBOOK SECTION IS INSANE!!! I could not be more proud to recommend something more highly. I was lucky enough to be classmates with Ben , and are finaly working together at Dreamworks where he is tearin'it up. He is one of the greatest guys you can imagine and I think his talent speaks for it self. All I can say is , buy this now ! There is nothing more worthy of your hard earned dollar, Book wise! The bar has just been raised for self published books. Thanks Ben , Now halfway doesn't cut it any more! I'm starting over!