Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CORALINE is now on DVD and BLUE-RAY !

Coraline was just released on DVD and Blue-Ray, So here is another (and last for a very long time , I promise) tiny sample of some of my work from the film. The Coraline and Other Mother pencil drawings are some of the first pieces I did for the film , way back in October , 2005....Before I even moved to Oregon to work in house at Laika in January , 2006. As mentioned in my previous Coraline Posts : On "CORALINE", Dan Krall , Shannon Tindle and Myself , under the direction of Mr. Henry Selick ,were responsible for the final character design in the film. I also very proudly designed and developed the Facial Animation , expressions , and dialogue for the film. Please Read my previous , in depth , Coraline blog posts for more on the making of Coraline, and the AMAZINGLY talented people involved in its creation. Enjoy...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Yes, I won a golden ticket!
I was there....It was crazy.....It felt historical.

It was a genuinely reverent and heartfelt event. I will definitely never forget it. I got to be a part of pop culture history.