Sunday, March 21, 2010


In the 3 years I've been at Dreamworks I have been lucky to witness and be part of some pretty incredible things. This film and its crew happen to be a couple of those. I am so proud of Dreamworks for How to Train Your Dragon. Directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois (Lilo and Stitch) came on in the final hour to completely re-rout this story from scratch from scratch. They collaborated with an incredible crew and the entire studio under an impossible deadline to create something that is truly awe inspiring and special.(and not just for Dreamworks.)
Chris and Dean asked me to come on board to collaborate with them and my friends Nico Marlet (lead designer/genius) and Takao Noguchi(awesome designer) to finalize the design of the main Character "Hiccup". Then a small team of us were asked to explore an entirely new Dragon and main character "Toothless the Night Fury".(Below are a couple of my pieces that appear in the art of book.) The environment was always open and collaborative. A couple character thoughts I suggested even made it to the screen in all of this. My contributions were definitely a speck in the big scheme of Dragons, So read the credits in the theater and give that amazing crew a round of applause. They've earned it. Dreamworks takes a lot of flack about their films both story wise and look wise, and sure, some of it is justified."SOME" of it. It's great that Kung Fu Panda opened some eyes, But wait, there's more. An incredibly talented team from many varied backgrounds and experiences came together to make Dragons something special. Go see it and have a blast!!!

Artwork copyright Dreamworks Animation.