Monday, June 21, 2010

SPACEHEADZ!! Book#1: Ready for Humans!

I guess I am officially a Children's Book Illustrator. Spaceheads book#1 is now available for sale online and in book stores everywhere! If you ever wondered why I never have time to update my blog, here it is. This was one heck of a first book to be a part of as I was lucky to work with Simon and Schuster, Jon Scieszka, and Francesco Sedita. Holy Moly! A short while back I received a call out of the blue from Dan Potash and Justin Chanda (Creative powerhouses) at Simon and Schuster asking if I would be interested in illustrating books for them. "Uhhh...Yeah." So they sent me a manuscript for a new book/novel series they had in mind entitled Spaceheadz. I absolutely loved it! The story, the characters, the pop culture craziness, the pace and flow was incredibly inventive and fun. As soon as I read chapter 5B "Fluffy Speaks" I called S&S back and told them that I had to do this series. I get to play with two completely different styles of illustration throughout these books. Each serves their purpose, but I approached the look with what I thought was right for the story,the writing, and the author's vision. Check it out, Read it, Have Fun. This is the first in a 4 book series. Books #2 through #4 are coming soon! BE SPHDZ!

(FAR TOP: Cover image for Book#1/ MIDDLE: A small, teaser, sample collage of just a few illustrations from book#1/ DIRECTLY ABOVE: My Illustration on a book store display at Barnes and Noble. To the right a kid is checkin' it all out. Neat! No, I did not know or stage the kid. But I did stage Major Fluffy the hamster on the left.)