Monday, April 23, 2012


I have been conducting a slew of lectures, classes and talks over the past couple months at many amazing schools, Institutes, universities, companies, and organizations. It's been so great getting to meet so many amazingly talented people. But, with the exception of my lecture at the Art Institute of California Inland Empire back in February, none of my lectures have been open to the general public. So I am happy to announce a couple upcoming lectures and workshops that ARE available to the public… if you RSVP and register as instructed below… Here is what’s up: First is a lecture on Design and Visual STory Telling at UC BERKELEY in Berkeley California on Wednesday, April 25th. You need to RSVP via FACEBOOK to get on the guest list if you would like to attend this event. The schools of Digital Graphics & Animation, and Innovative Design have arranged this event. A huge Thank you to Alishea Gibson, A designer and Berkeley representative who really made this happen and got me up to Northern California. I am really looking forward to it. Next I am conducting a Character Design for Animation Workshop at the CONCEPT DESIGN ACADEMY in Pasadena California, on June 23rd . Spaces are limited and you must REGISTER ON THEIR WEBSITE .A big thank you to Kevin Chen for organizing this once again. I have been trying to arrange more lectures outside of L.A. because a lot of students out there are very interested, the thing is most school administrations are not. But I will keep inquiring here and there. Stay posted. I would like to thank places like Cal Arts, Chapman University, Loyola Marymount, The Ryman Program, the Art Institute California Inland Empire, and The Hettema group for allowing me to conduct multiple talks, presentations, lectures and workshops so far this year. It's been very fun.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Well, life got busy this week and I didn't have time to finish my Easter image. But here is a teaser of what I had started. When I get a second to finish it I will post the whole piece. I am only posting this to keep my Holiday blog promise (an image for every holiday). Stay posted.