Saturday, March 30, 2013


Happy Easter! Here are some prehistoric bunnies I designed very early on for the CROODS. The first one makes a brief cameo in the film.

The T-Rex bunny above makes a cameo on the back inside jacket of the Art of the CROODS book. A generous amount of my development work is represented throughout that book, but as happens in many art of books, I was mis-credited for several pieces that my Croods colleagues were actually responsible for. Here is a list of those images: Pg 12 image 3 is Shannon Tindle's / Pg 35 image 4 is Shannon's / Pg 39 image 6 is Carter's / Pg 102 images 1 and 2 are Shannon's. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Happy Easter

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the CROODS post 03

Originally, The CROODS was not a story about a literal family, but a community, a tribe. Each member of the tribe had a duty, depending on one another during a hunt or within the cave...etc. Chris and Kirk were also playing with the idea that the Croods would be a musical society. Even when hunting, sound could be their tool. The story was always set in a volatile, prehistoric time between time. An ever-changing, chaotic, world. So the question of what characters would look like in this strange, non-recorded time turned into an exciting challenge. Would they just look like us today? Or would they be some "crude" intermediate version of a human. The initial drive was to go away from literal human and make a more abstract statement to reflect the story's setting. We were referencing nature (Rocks, trees, water) as well as ancient cave paintings and sculpture as inspiration for the characters. Also, in the original story there was a neighboring tribe of even less evolved and more animalistic creatures called the BOGS. The Bogs were supposed to be both stupid and terrifying. The Bogs wanted the Crood's cave and were a constant threat. Things would change as the story would change, but here is a small sample of my first explorations for both the CROODS and the BOGS.

_______________________________THE BOGS.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

the CROODS post 02

I had been working with directors Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco on all the main characters for some time (more on that soon), when we all sat one day to start discussing the creatures of the film. It is a time between time, a non-existant prehistoric era, so what kinds of ridiculous creatures would exist in this volatile world? Below is just a fraction of the creatures I created after that meeting. See how many you recognize from the film. MUCH more to come. This guy eventually became "BELT". More on that later. Stay posted for much more of my work on the CROODS.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the CROODS post 01

A complete change of gears from Guardians, I was responsible for developing and designing a great deal of the creatures and characters you will see in the CROODS. Myself and Shannon Tindle were the first artists on the project back when Chris Sanders started at Dreamworks in 2007(before Dragons). After a quick detour onto Dragons Carter Goodrich, and Takao Noguchi joined the design team. Over the next few weeks I will show much of my development work from Croods, but I will start with one character that you will not actually see in the final film. This is a little prehistoric proto-pony that was at one time Guy's pet. She actually made it as far as an early Croods teaser poster, but in the 11th hour Belt became his pet and the pony was changed into the little reptilian guy you will see in the final film. Stay posted for much more, and enjoy.