Saturday, January 17, 2009


I will post art soon , but first things first...FRIDAY FEBRUARY 6th- CORALINE OPENS IN THEATERS EVERYWHERE! Back in 2006 Henry Selick invited a group of us to join the team that would Create LAIKA Studio's first feature film , CORALINE.We Immediately knew this was special. The film and the studio took risks! The team Henry compiled was not to be believed , and I was honored to be a part of it. Shannon Tindle , Dan Krall, and Myself , would be responsible for the FINAL CHARACTER DESIGN in the film. (Kent Melton and Chris Butler had much to do with the final stages of Other Mother as well). After having designed so many of the characters in the film, I was then asked by Henry to continue to design and develop the Facial Animation (expressions and dialogue) for the head replacements of every character in the film, even producing many 2D animation tests along the way. The BEST stop motion team in history took what I did and went to town! (Below are some I worked with closely)More of the Coraline team I worked with closely,(most of who's work sadly can not be seen in any book) include...
-VIS DEV :Dan Krall, Shannon Tindle, Chris Appelhans, Jon Klassen, Andy Schuhler, Stef Choi
-SCULPTORS : Kent Melton, Damon Bard, Leo Rijn, Tony Merrithew, Scott Foster
-STORY: Chris Butler, Andy Schuhler, Vera Brosgol, Graham Annable, Mike Cachuela , Ovi Nedelcu
-MODEL BUILDERS: Mike Murnane , Charlie Daniels , Fon Davis
-PUPPET FABRICATION: Georgina Hayns, Jill Ahllstrand
-ANIMATION: Anthony Scott , Trey Thomas....AND MANY MORE!!!!!!!!GALLERY NUCLEUS in L.A. has a CORALINE PANEL DISCUSSION planned. And apparently the CARTOON ART MUSEUM in San Francisco is having a CORALINE EXHIBITIONshowing a lot of the art department's work along with Puppets and Sets. So that's rad. Bottom line: Coraline is an incredible achievement on so many levels. This is the kind of film most people (especially in animation) say they want to see more of (or at least work on)- A more adult, edgier, unconventional animated film. Coraline follows no convention. Henry has created a new fairy tale film language. We need films like this to succeed, because I for one want to work on more like them, and so studios like LAIKA can CONTINUE TO TAKE RISKS. So please people! GO SEE CORALINE FEBRUARY 6th !!!!!