Saturday, December 15, 2007


Merry Christmas everybody! This is a very quick, unfinished study of Santa with his list bearing elf (I just thought he would have one).I also wanted to try something new with a christmas elf and make him look more mythological in contrast to a human Santa. I'm not sure what the story could be here because it was just a fast flow of consciousness piece done last night. I really love Christmas and holiday art and wanted to do something fun. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


So all the development artists at Dreamworks have been teaching a character design workshop at the studio. The latest assignment we gave the class was to start designing on three films as animated features-Flash Gordon, Conan the Barbarian,and the Three Musketeers, and the restriction is that it all has to be done in the style of RONALD SEARLE! Whenever we give an assignment we do it as well, So here's my Conan done in mid sixties Searle style.

(And more Holiday art is on the way.)