Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Spaceheadz book #2 is now here and available in bookstores and on-line EVERYWHERE! The 2nd novel in the series written by the amazing Jon Scieszka (and illustrated by...myself) follows the continuing adventures of Bob, Jennifer, Major fluffy, Michael K., and Agent Umber. This book has more agents, More tentacles, pudding rage, energy wave freak outs, monarch butterflies, monkey suits, Kilroy references, bathroom emergencies, A wolf, donuts, sewer pipes, more dogs, more whales, fried chicken, and an oddly cloaked Kindergarten class thrown into the mix. Very, very fun! Book 2 is Packed with all new illustrations (almost twice book #1). MUCH more elaborate. Check it out! Have fun! Above is a tiny mish-mash teaser sample of just a couple of my illustrations from book #2

Sunday, December 19, 2010

ME and my SHADOW

A quick (but late) update. The film I have been working on for the past year was recently announced by Dreamworks. It is entitled "ME and MY SHADOW". It is a computer animation/traditional animation hybrid about a fun shadow that is stuck with a boring guy. The shadows in the film are all traditionally (hand drawn)animated. The team on this film is absolutely incredible and we have all been cranking to make something really special. I am proud to be the head of story on Me and My Shadow. I am working with Mark Dindal who developed the concept for the film and is our fun and fearless director. The film is scheduled to be released in March 2013.(this image is a promotional photo for the film "Shadow of a doubt". Not our film.)